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The Volunteer Original Soundtrack

Newly released! This is the first feature length film I have scored and it was amazingly fun and challenging. The creators of the film wanted it to have a dark, eerie, unsettled ambience to it. Long, sustained synth sounds. Such a great group of guys to work with at Rosco Films.  I look forward to more in the future. This soundtrack will suit you nicely on a rainy day with the headphones on.


This album was made primarily by myself and Benjamin Rollo. It came to be in such a cool way. Ben and I were playing a duo show at a great club in Toronto called Hugh’s Room. I mentioned from the stage that we were eager to record our new music and just needed someone to give us, oh, ten thousand dollars (give or take.). Well, after our set a fine gentleman by the name of Tim Rudkins approached us after and said he was in. 10 months later the album was recorded at Metal Works studio through a killer Neve Console to tape. Even the cowbell went through a million dollar signal path. This is the result! Enjoy..


Let The Darkness Go

I holed myself up in my little attic studio for a LONG time to make this record. I had to learn how to use the computer, software, and new high end gear to make this one. Fairly steep learning curve and was made during a time in my life where I had very little in the realm of responsibilities. Time was endless and I was fairly naive as far as the outside world and it’s impact on my process were concerned ( as I would wrestle with more in later recordings).  I love this record and it’s purity of expression. It was/remains,  a really true expression of my ideas and musical whims and I love it to this day. Hope you do too.


Gone To See The Morning

When my grandmother died in 1997 she left my sister and I a small amount of money. The first thing I did when I got mine was buy myself an ADAT machine and a small mixing board with a tiny (and crappy) outboard reverb unit and compressor. I was ready to move on from my tape deck 4 track into the realm of digital recordings. Now the ADAT was a fine piece of gear for the time and still has a distinct sound to it. I love it and I loved the tactile process of faders and knobs. This was my first collection of fairly sophisticated arrangements (for me) and songs recorded (relatively) well.  I had no idea how to do almost everything in the realm of professional recording. Mixing was as involved as turning the treble and bass knobs on my stereo. Mastering..well, huh? Anyway, that ignorance was a blessing as well; it forced me to use my ears in a way I wish I still could 🙂 Check it out!

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